SEO Tips 2018

Search Engine has become more smarter

New Rules of SEO have been implemented or will soon be implemented—-It means old rules are of less use or outdated. It is necessary to understand and learn these new rules to maximize return on Investment on the biggest platform of the Universe—Google. The time of using heading with keywords has half gone—though not outdated, but more dimensions to SEO have been added or will be added in the forthcoming future.

The most important factor in SEO in the forthcoming future would be Mobile Web—-mobile-friendly website.

Less weight age would be given to following factors—Paid links and anchor text.

Following are the most updated tips on SEO to maximize return on content marketing investment.

1. Google has brought more Transparency

In the past, by using keywords, a person was able to access the concerned website. But now keywords are not enough. Post click activity has become important. Google has added more parameters for the purpose of uplifting rank on Google search.

Now, search engine is analyzing how people interact with the website. It is not enough that the visitor reaches the website by using keywords. What is important is customer should remain on a website rather than just going on the website, returning empty minded and switching to other website.

2. Semantics will replace keyword.

In the past, using relevant keywords was the golden rule and part of Meta description. However, now, Google search engine would focus on interpreting meaning—-semantics.

How it worked and how it will work?

Previously if Hotel owner wanted high rank in google search of ‘best Hotels’ he had to write ‘best hotel’ in Meta description. Thought, it is still helpful to mention ‘best hotels’. But now, the semantic meaning has becoming much more important. If you mention good dining experience, the goggle search engine will pick it up.

3. Focusing on the user experience

At present Google has made more than 400 algorithm changes. Consequently, the aim of making changes in the algorithm is to assure that when somebody searches on Google, he gets the right result on the first few pages and has fruitful experience. Change in algorithm is a boom for people with honest intention and an alarm for those people who want to trick search engine or trick Google. The Better the quality content posted on the website better will be its ranking on Google search.

4. Size Matters

Few year back, article of length 300 words was quite enough for categorizing an article to be admirable. But now the time has changed. Now this limit has been stretched out— the standardized article has length from 1,200 to 1500 words and it will catch high rank in google search than article of 300 words. The reason put forth by google for preferring long article is—- internet users can understand the concept fast and comprehensively by long article. It would have more images also. Moreover, trend of longer article has penetrated in social media also.

5. Mobile Web

How important is Mobile?

It is estimated that 50 per cent of people access internet by mobile and this figure would touch 90 per cent in the future. Google will uplift the rank of those websites that will have a mobile friendly website. If a business wants to increase its visibility, the company should design a mobile friendly website. Reason being, the majority of the people sees the company on mobile. So, Mobile friendly company website is very important for conducting online business.

6. Images have occupied a prominent place.

A Picture is more than thousand words. Unique images will be given more preferences. Just like customer in marketing is important similarly internet audience has become important. In The past, it was ‘how marketers try to promote what they wanted people to see’. Now it is about Delivering value—-‘what people actually want to see will be more considered by the Google.’


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