Tips for Website Speed

Can you imagine? As per recent survey, a 1-second delay, procrastination or hold up in page load time has following repercussions-

• 17% decrease in customer satisfaction
• 12% fewer page views
• 8% loss in conversions

 Why Speed is given prominence?

In the era of internet, where approximately three billion people on this earth have access to the internet and approximately one billion websites are in existence and nothing is worst than decelerated loading website. Consequently, web users have become habitual to short attention spans and they switch to another website when the current website loads too slowly.

Your website may be interactive-having on page engagement, revenues, social shadings, search rankings. But if your content loads slowly, visitor loses patience and switches o another website irrespective of the fact that your website is one of the best interactive websites. Consequently, this leads to high bounce rates and missing visitors who increase visibility.

Google always prefers the website that loads quickly.

Yahoo also expects the same

However, every 100 milliseconds improvement to the site speed increases revenue by 1%.

And 3% increase in conversion for every 1.5 seconds of improvement.

Statistical expectations of customers or web surfers

• 48% of web surfers demand and expect a web page to be loaded in two and half seconds or less.
• 41 % of web surfers will abandon a web page if a page takes more than two and half seconds to load.
• 53% customer engaged in online shopping responded that swift page loads are important for Customer retention-their loyalty to purchase the goods again from the same website.

Website Speed checker tool

Google Pagespeed Tools, GT Matrix and Pingdom tools are also available to deal with speed phenomenon of websites.

Optimising the speed of Website

Optimizing the speed of the page might be cumbersome, but it is crucial. Following are the guidelines to categorize speed of websites
• Below 1 second is perfect
• 1-3 seconds is above normal
• 4-7 seconds is normal
• 7 and more seconds is very poor

You can check out the video from ( Matt Cutts ) in which he is talking about the importance of website loading speed.

1. Use Content Delivery Network

Using Content Delivery Network for media files is one of the best ways to speed up the website and can save up to 65% bandwidth and decrease to 50% the number of requests your website makes. In CDN network when a user visits the website from Brazil, he is downloading the files from the server that is closest to them. Reason being bandwidth is spread across many servers and consequentially reduces a load of any single server. It further protects websites from attacks and traffic spikes

2. Use the services of fast hosting company

This will speed up the entire mechanism. Most famous hosting companies are WP Engine, Hosting24, and Blue host

3. For WordPress use a caching plugin

If you are using WordPress, one of the simplest ways to decrease your page loading speed is to install a caching plugin-WP Super Cache or WP Total Cache

4. Clean up database in WordPress

One of the disadvantages of WordPress is that your database can be highly messy due to post revisions, saved drafts, and deactivated plugin. WP Optimise is a solution to the abovementioned problem. This plugin, at frequent time intervals, deletes all the staff that you no longer need and is a load on your database.

Optimization of the speed that your website’s content load is directly correlated to the level of customer satisfaction.

5. Browser settings

It is the easiest way to speed things up. Following are the Browser Settings

(a)Disable –
At the time of slow speed, disable various options like Java script or loading of images. The above-mentioned option is enough to speed up the loading of a website. These settings are available on browser’s preferences.

(b)Speed up
In this option increase the maximal number of connections and other settings that can better the time is taken in downloading all elements of a web page. For internet explorer, you can use Tweak IE, Faster Fox for Firefox and Fastest Chrome for Google chrome.


6. Browsing tools

Many times it happens that website is slow. The reason attributed to slow speed of a website is that it loads items that are not relevant to the actual contents that the user wants to access. The unnecessary items are widgets, paid advertisements and a photo gallery that is shown on every page of the website. However, following tools can speed up loading time

(A)Proxies – Some days, websites may be available only to users in particular countries. This happens when site operators block requests from certain locations in the world. Moreover, ISP may block access to a website. In such a case, proxies aid to avoid the issue.

(B)Opera Turbo-It is also next best alternative. It combines proxy server along with a server that compresses the internet traffic to provide speed.

7. Caching

Sometimes it happens that you are not able to access the website at a particular point of time and so you use a cached version of the website.
This is also ok but you can use browser extensions
Such as Passive Cache for chrome and Cache it for the Firefox web browser.

8. Web Proxy

It is one of the easiest options to access slow loading or blocked website. You can find proxy servers at However, it is recommended not to use proxies for entering financial information or log in to web services


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