What is Wordpress

Is Web Development expensive for you?

Insights and Hidden truth about WordPress

Since the subject we are dealing has technical dimensions, we need to first understand what exactly is Wordpress? Word Press in simple terms is Web Designing and Development tool. It is a Content Management System developed in 2003 & it is free, open source and User-friendly.

• Free means there is not a single penny involved in its design and Development
• Open Source means content can be modified anytime as per owners requirements and changes
• User-friendly means that a common man , without any technical knowledge, can design and develop websites without using coding and this is the biggest USP of WordPress for its worldwide popularity.

In the Global world of 6 billion peoples—-leaving aside underdeveloped countries there are approximately 3 billion Internet users. Now coming to the matter they see i.e. website—there were approximately 1.10 billion websites on November 18, 2017, at 10 am Greenwich Mean Time. And you would not believe that in every 1 second 5 new websites are born i.e. technically speaking comes online by using WordPress.

Out of 1.10 billion websites, as per statistics released in 2015, approximately 19 per cent websites in the world are using WordPress Website So we may infer that in Developed Economies, Websites have crossed the population of cars and people and people spend a lot of time on the internet. A large chunk of population conducts business through the Internet. So Web Design and Development has become very crucial and expensive also.

Very few people know that WordPress was not the first free and user-friendly Content Management system. WordPress was foreseen by the 2 fathers of WordPress—Matt Mullenweg and Mike little in 2000 AD and they invented WordPress in 2003. Before the invention of WordPress in 2003, its predecessor b2/cafe log was developed in 2001 by French Programmer Michel Valdrighi. Inventor of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg was using it before 2003. However, Michel stopped developing b2. Matt showed his willingness to develop WordPress and developed it in May 2003.

Some Interesting Statistics about WordPress

WordPress has more than 30,000 plugins available presently. Plugins facilitates users to extend the feature and functionality of the website or blogs.
• WordPress related keywords amount to 3.7 crore searches per month.
• WordPress is available in 40 languages. If you are non-native English speaker and you know French, Dutch or Croatian, you can access WordPress.
• has many unique visitors which are greater than the online giant Amazon.
• WordPress users are in crores, but there are only 230 people employed in WordPress.
• From May 2003 till know 98 versions of WordPress have been released.
• Even Corporates like Bill Gates may know WordPress as it is most popular with Business Websites.
• Every day 50,000 new WordPress sites added daily.
• There are 4.84 crores WordPress Blogs monthly
• WordPress sights across the globe publish 24 posts per second.


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