SSL certificate 12 months, installation and setup, 256 encryption

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If you don't have an SSL Certificate, Google is going to flag your website in 2018. 

Yes, you read it right. Google will display a 'Not Secure' message in the URL bar if your website doesn't have a valid SSL Certificate.


What is SSL

Secure sockets layer (SSL) is a website security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a client and server.

SSL allows sensitive (private) information like credit/debit card numbers, websites passwords, security numbers to be transmitted securely. 

Without SSL, data transfers between browsers and web servers always remain in plain text, which makes a hacker's work easy to see the transmitted data.

That's why we use SSL. SSL encrypts the transmitted data and makes your connection secure.

Why is SSL Certificate Critical?

  • SSL Certificate Encrypts Sensitive Information
  • It protects You From Cybercriminals (attackers)
  • It Builds Trust & Brand Power

What is included with this service?

SSL Certificate for 12 months, installation, setup of SSL and firewall protection on the website. All work done manually to avoid any scope for errors.